NCASCA Legislative Day 2024
NCASCA 2024 Legislative Day

Join us on Wednesday,  May 15th as NCASCA hosts its annual Legislative Day. This is an essential opportunity for members like you to converge and make our voices heard directly to the lawmakers of North Carolina. 

This meeting will take place in Raleigh. Members will meet throughout the afternoon with key decision makers on the quality of care ASCs provide to patients and the importance of ASCs in North Carolina's health care landscape.

Why is this day so pivotal? Legislators have seen fit to repeal the Certificate of Need requirement for ASCs; have considered a surgical smoke evacuation mandate; discussed central service technician training and certification; strategized for ASCs to post lists of 300 shoppable health services to the public; and added indigent care minimum requirements.

These landmark pieces of legislation are opening up a new era for North Carolina ASCs. The NCASCA Legislative Day will play an important role in educating lawmakers who will continue to make decisions that impact ASCs.

The NCASCA Legislative Day is a great chance to have your voice heard and your participation is instrumental!

What can you expect at the NCASCA Legislative Day?

  1. Empowering Connections: Legislative Day brings together the most passionate ASC professionals, industry experts, and thought leaders under one roof. Engage in fruitful conversations, share ideas, and form alliances that will strengthen the ASC community's impact.

  2. Direct Access to Lawmakers: Take advantage of the unique opportunity to connect directly with lawmakers who shape healthcare policy in North Carolina. Your presence and passionate advocacy can help legislators understand the crucial role ASCs play in providing high-quality, cost-effective surgical care to patients across the state.

  3. Amplify Your Voice: Your voice matters, and NCASCA Legislative Day gives you a platform to amplify it. Share your success stories, challenges, and perspectives. Help lawmakers grasp the immense positive impact ASCs have on improving access to healthcare, reducing costs, and enhancing patient outcomes.

  4. Unite for a Common Goal: NCASCA Legislative Day is an opportunity to unite with like-minded professionals who are passionate about advancing the ASC industry. Together, we can demonstrate the strength of our community and advocate for policies that support the growth and sustainability of ASCs throughout North Carolina.

Please contact the NCASCA office if you have any questions.

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