NCASCA Legislative Update 7-26-19

This week, State Treasurer Dale Folwell re-opened the enrollment period for providers after releasing an updated proposal for the State Health Plan.  Back in June, the State Treasurer was met with resistance when he put forth a plan to slash reimbursement across the board for all provider types and is under pressure to show an effort to recruit providers to serve the plan participants. 

The new proposal limits medical providers in urban areas to 196% of Medicare, up from the originally proposed rate 182%.  Proposed rural provider rates average 200% of Medicare, also up from the original proposed rate of 178%.

Centers have until August 5th to decide if they will participate in the network and return a contract. Providers not returning a contract will be out-of-network as of January 1, 2020.

NCASCA will keep you updated on this issue.  If you have questions, contact NCASCA legislative director Dick Carlton at [email protected] or Meghan Millard at the NCASCA office at [email protected]