NCASCA Call-to-Action 6-10-19

CON At Risk!  NCASCA Members Invited to Campaign at Capital Tomorrow!

A Senate bill with full CON deregulation is expected to pass.  The same language is also included in the Senate budget.  The House has been resistant to this language, but may come under increased pressure from special interests groups who may try to set up negotiations with the House.  NCASCA strongly opposes the passing of this legislation and is proactively working for ASCs. 

NCASCA leaders will meet with House and Senate leaders at the Capital tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11th.  All NCASCA members are invited to participate. Due to this short notice, it is understood that many will be unable to participate, but if your schedule allows, we invite you to come and let your voice be heard.
The day will be begin at 8:45 a.m. at the Legislative Building.  Call NCASCA Legislative Director Dick Carlton at (919) 632-7744 if you would like to participate