NCASCA Certificate of Need Alert 03-07-2023

Certificate of Need (CON) reform has taken a dramatic turn this year with unfortunate results for ambulatory surgery centers.

Yesterday, the Governor, the Speaker of the House and the Senate President announced an agreement to expand the North Carolina Medicaid program during the State of the State address. What wasn’t said was that the legislative package to implement the expansion will also include the repeal of the Certificate of Need for ambulatory surgery centers located in counties over 125,000 in population.

Today, the Senate Health Committee unanimously amended and passed House Bill 76 (Medicaid Expansion) to include the CON reform language.

NCASCA lobbyist Dick Carlton met with House and Senate leadership, including the Speaker of the House, prior to the meeting and was told that the bill would not be amended or stopped. As a concession, ASCs in counties over 125,000 population were given nearly three years until the reform is effective. We will keep members posted with additional information. Please plan to attend the Spring Education Day on Wednesday, March 15th in Greensboro for a thorough discussion of the bill and its impacts.

As a bright note in this bleak report, NCASCA expects the bill carrying language to increase ASC Medicaid reimbursement will be introduced next week.