NCASCA Legislative Update 12-03-18

Election day made things more interesting in the North Carolina General Assembly.  The Republicans lost their veto proof margin in the House of Representatives.  The votes were still to close to call the day after the election to say whether or not the Republicans lost their veto proof majority in the Senate .  Either way, this will make the Governor's veto power much more relevant in the upcoming long session in January.  The General Assembly has, however, scheduled a Special Session for November 27, 2018.  At this time it is unclear what that agenda will be.  The Long Session will begin in mid-January and any matter may be brought up during that session.  The new members will be sworn in at that time.  NCASCA's priorities will be:

  1.  Advocating for a total exemption to the HIE reporting requirements;
  2. Monitoring legislation regarding significant changes to the Certificate of Need laws;
  3. Advocating for proper reimbursement policies within the Workers' Compensation program;
  4. Defending reimbursement and proper payment policies by the State Health Plan;
  5. Monitoring legislation requiring certification of surgical techs for unnecessarily burdensome requirements; and
  6. Responding to any additional health care bills impacting ASCs

Take time out now during the next couple of months to meet your legislator if you do not already know him or her.  These relationships are invaluable for our grassroots efforts.  NCASCA will be planning another day at the General Assembly so please try to make time to participate.  We had a very productive day at the Legislature this year.